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    HI Coffee snobs, I would like to get your expert opinion on a couple of things. I've been given the job (non paying) of getting my local school coffee cart up and running. Been going good now 4 weeks and doing about 80 coffees a week. I need to train some extra people so i could have some mornings

    We have an old San Marino SA3 I think, and i've got it running quite nicely. I've gone to doing everything manual IE: weighing the puck as the grinder we use never shoots out 7g of coffee, and using a timer to get 30mls in 25-30sec and it produces a very nice coffee this is because the predet functions don't work anymore. Now to train other people and produce consistant espresso i was thinking of getting some things to help, like either a calibrated Espro tamper $140-$150.00 or the Attento tamper mat for about $49.00, also the Breville BCG800 grinder so it can get a good clean grain size for the coffee puck and if i get the machine right it would grind the required amount each time for both group handles.

    Now don't forget this is for a school so not much money to play with, but i feel getting these few things would help us produce a good coffee every time without me standing over them all the time. Trying to get volunteers is nigh impossible so i'm trying to make it idiot proof Quality is what i'm after so i can get repeat business.

    Your thoughts and knowledge would be greatly appreciated.



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    Getting someone who is prepared to help and has a good eye for the detail required will be challenging.

    where do you see the coffee cart being in 3-6 months?


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      I would like it to be running 5 mornings a week and to continue forever, we'll that's the plan.


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        Given that good espresso requires some basic skills and knowledge of coffee, you will need an apprentice with some enthusiasm, if nothing else. I would suggest you promote the role as a fun learning and personal development position for a keen helper. Also a simple training manual, with a bit of coffee history about how espresso evolved to where it is today. Sell the job as an interest for a would be enthusiast. Good luck.


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          Thanks for your replies. Yeah, i know I've got an up hill battle on my hands.. lol .. trying to educate helpers. It doesn't help when the other mangers (2 Ladies) don't even drink coffee. Last year when it was getting run by volunteers, they were producing horrible coffee and had no idea about tampering or what an espresso should be. One lady that was a helper last year decided to come and have a 2nd look to see what was different and was quite shocked at how i was doing it and what it took (technique/variables) to make a REALLY nice espresso. This is part of the reason of trying to get the some equipment in for training to help them get the basics right.

          Anyway time will tell.