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  • woolworths pod machine

    Grabbed the junk mail out of the letterbox last night to find the latest Woolworths catalogue.

    Spend $150 in store and get the pod machine for $40. I think it started at $99, went to $79, and is $69 if you have a 'rewards' card.

    How long until they just give them away?

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    Originally posted by JamesM View Post
    How long until they just give them away?
    Not too long me thinks.
    Perhaps when they realise that not many (who enjoy quality coffee) are in the market for a cheap, poor excuse for one's caffeine addiction.


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      not long> then you will pay for it with pod purchases.

      A non issue really for many reasons, not the least of which is that people that buy these are not taking market share away from better quality roast and ground as they are newcomers, coming from instant or non espresso coffee...and many will some time in the future go to better quality roast and ground as part of their progression in espresso coffee.


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        I think it's more like inkjet printers mate... you spend a few bucks on the printer and hundreds on the consumables.

        Sadly, the avg non-specialty joe, will gladly buy a pod machine over drinking instant because it's quicker, impresses average punters when they visit, and it's convenient.

        Sadly total cost of ownership and quality are afterthoughts.


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          not a problem> its the convenience industry, not the coffee industry.


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            I guess if you produce something which is pretty much worthless, you shouldn't be surprised if people are not prepared to pay for it.


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              Cmon people, they have their place, just not in my house!


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                My Dad bought one of these machines and being an open minded person I tried the unholy swill that it produced. Last time I went to stay with them I took a bag of Campos and a french press so I wouldn't have to go endure that again.
                But at the same time not everyone is willing to spend 10-15 minutes every morning grinding coffee (I use a Hario Skerton) and making a flat white. Ironically, when I made my dad a coffee he didn't really like it


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                  I can see these things as a step in the journey to the perfect coffee, but I think most buyers of Pod machines would tend to move up to a fully automatic machine rather than a 'purist' model.