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Decaf and grinding/grinder questions

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  • Decaf and grinding/grinder questions

    Long time no post - but much time much coffee!!

    My partner has a health issue and has been advised to move to decaf.
    Can't share my ECM Best and I am going to buy a new grinder and am considering one of the Breville or Sunbeam models in the $200 + or - range/
    My question is - is there anything about decaf beans (that I will roast myself from beans purchased here) - that will pose grinding issues?
    In other words - do you HAVE to use a better quality grinder? She doesn't drink espresso, basically cappucino and flat whites.
    Will a Breville BCG800 or Sunbeam EM0480 (or whatever they are) be up to the job?
    Will move to a Rocky if I have to, but am guessing I won't need to.
    Thanks in advance!!

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    I was using a BCG 800 smart grinder for my home roasted decaf and had no issues at all with it. I don't know what long term effects using it only for decaf would be (I think there's less oil in the beans), but it should be fine and I imagine replacement burrs aren't very expensive.
    I wish your partner well with their health issue.
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      Thanks Lovey.
      I have purchased a BCG800 and it seems like a nice unit. Reviews are certainly strong.


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        Hi el_espressio. My Missus has a health issue too and must drink decaff. We roast our own from CS .WOW decaff is always so enjoyable. Just perfect every time and everyday. We have a BCG 800 and we have no issues at all with the WOW beans. We change from decaff to caffeined twice a day using only the BCG 800. Enjoy.


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          I find with decaf that it seems to hold less moisture possibly due to the caffeine extraction process and I tend to get the best results by fining the grind (prob a bit finer than I would for regular coffee) and then down dosing a little bit, for a tighter extraction...


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            Good thread and timely - my wife has a caffeine sensitivity & I'm under instruction to get her some decaf as she loves the smell of coffee and even the taste - just bounces off the walls with it and if mixed with alcohol, becomes a sobbing mess at the bar. [img][/img]

            I have a spare grinder I can use so that's all good as well.


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              Haven't tried the decaf wow but have roasted various decaf beans for night time affogatii. Try some of the brazillian opus 1 beans ( non-sponsor) . They are a naturally low caffeine bean ( @1% ) . They accordingly behave more like a normal bean(roasting and grinding). Have used them straight, in a blend of mocca/java to make a lower caffeine drink and blended with other decaff.