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Wanted - tips for benchtop placement and plumbing in.

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  • Wanted - tips for benchtop placement and plumbing in.

    Hi all,

    Just started talking to builder about a new home, and Id like to put some effort into thinking about how my kitchen could best accommodate an espresso machine and grinder. Currently I have a breville BES820 and an em480, but when I upgrade I'd like to look at possibly plumbing in.

    So Im looking for ideas on placement based on your experiences (no conjecture please), and some photos would be great, if you feel so inclined.

    Id also like some ideas around plumbing in. Are there options for things like quick disconnnects? Its potentially going to be visible on the bench for a while prior to machine purchase, and needs to be unobtrusive should a future owner not need it.



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    I am not a plumber.

    I will suggest that the number of electrical gadgets that we seem to have always seems to be increasing.

    Plenty of power points possibly 4 gang type


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      Cheers. Ill keep that in mind. Nothing worse than a tangle of powerboards.


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        I'd be thinking about work flow - where can you place the equipment where you'll have easy access to it without obstructing someone whos also cooking in the kitchen - either that or do as I do and place it in your man den!


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          I'd be looking at current and future requirements (ie. what is the biggest machine and grinder you are ever likely to upgrade to) - I would want at least a metre of width, at least 60cm depth, preferably more, and at least 80-90cm clearance overhead for grinder hoppers etc. Set aside one cupboard space under the spot you want to place the machine and grinder (a single door to a full height compartment maybe 40cm wide) and put a hole in the benchtop at the rear of the bench for one of these devices (intended for computer cables on desks):

          Near the top of the compartment, fit a double powerpoint, and if you entertain any thoughts of commercial upgradeitis in the future get a dedicated 15 or 20 amp fitted there as well.
          Have a plumber fit a cold water line into the compartment near the bottom (needs to be 60cms away from the power) with a shutoff valve and a 350kpa pressure limiting valve - and if the kitchen layout allows for it, get him to also fit a drain in the cupboard with a trap and tundish. If you do all that, you will be as well set up as most cafes and never need to improve your setup.


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            Thanks, that's just the kind of info I was Looking for. I might have to find an alternative to the cable port though (could look a bit average in a black stone benchtop).


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              All the above points are valid.
              I'll add an obvious suggestion- just make sure you locate it right next to the sink, ideally not the side where you'll have clean dishes, or even install a dedicated sink and tap for it.


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                Think about your workflow - I'm right-handed and have my clean dishes on the left of my sink, so having my machine in the corner to the right of it then the knockbox and grinder to the right of that works well for me when it comes to dumping grinds, rinsing the PF and readying for the next shot. I also like to dose over the sink (because it's cleaner).


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                  Unfortunately the sink will be in the island, and the machine will be against the wall most likely.


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                    MorganGT has spelled it out well for you. Just remember to put the shut off valve before your pressure limiter and filters, that way your filter changes are fairly puddle free and any unfortunate leaks can be worked on without shutting off the house water. Having the power points under the counter top also keeps things tidy, hides away your on/off timer too. It also means no one is pulling out your machines power to get the toaster cranking! My drip tray is also plumbed into the drain, soon I'll incorporate a fatter pipe and some sort of trap, skinny drain pipes gunk up faster than you'd think.


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                      Originally posted by MrJack View Post
                      Unfortunately the sink will be in the island, and the machine will be against the wall most likely.
                      Well, if you're designing a kitchen and say the the sink will be in the island and the machine against the wall... If you want it plumbed in, then obviously you'll be needing water in that location too, so it shouldn't be too difficult to put a small sink there too. I wouldn't dream of putting the machine anywhere without a sink handy, not unless you fancy washing the kitchen floor several times a day, as you will drip coffee and grinds as you go to the sink to clean things.

                      If I was building my dream kitchen, I would put the coffee machine into the "butler's pantry" (naturally, I would have one of those in my dream kitchen ) with its own sink and cupboard for all the coffee bits and pieces. The coffee machine takes up too much bench space, making cooking difficult. So, if you are designing a kitchen, you should also consider the person that will be doing to cooking.

                      In my present kitchen, I have the draining board on one side of the sink and the coffee machine on the other, which means I need to move away from the sink to chop vegetables etc., which is a pain.


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                        If I were doing a custom plumbed in installation I would be installing one of these or their siblings next to the espresso machine:

                        Click image for larger version

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                        They come in a variety of versions including one with a combination of both the rinser and a small wash-up sink.

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                        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                          I was looking st those yesterday. . At this moment I'm having a water connection and waste run up through the slab and into the kitchen cabinet ( or under it) to facilitate future plumbing in. Not sure how to achieve that part yet - how do the waste connections on the bench usually look?


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                            Also, if you entertain its nice having the machine located in a position where you can have people talking to you easily (ie not behind your back as happens if machine is in a corner), this way you can easily chat to people as you make coffee etc, and gives those interests easy view of what you are doing.