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  • Coffee bean journal

    For over 18 months now I have been keeping all the bean bags with the intention of journaling them. The pile of bags is rather large now so I need to start organizing myself before the task gets too big.

    Does anyone use a smartphone app or a spreadsheet that works for you, I'm keen know what works.

    I'm not sure why I want to do this but I could gather taste notes, bean usage, etc.

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    If you have Access 2000 or newer this package will let you do it all: Coffee Roasting Database

    Java "Long time fan" phile
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      I use an Android app called Coffee Journal.
      I copy and paste info onto it, has a flavour wheel to add data. Great app and handy to reference


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        I have my own Excel Workbook that I use to register each roast session information and bean purchases and it automatically keeps track of green stock levels. However it is a bit fiddley and does require some Excel expertise to maintain and expand it when required. I suggest the Roast D/B suggested by Javaphile or Greenmans App may be easier options, but I can supply a copy of my workbook if you want.


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          Thanks very much for your help guys, the app for the phone sounds very convenient so I'll make that my starting point.