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Lactose Free Milk in Cafes

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  • Lactose Free Milk in Cafes

    Hi all,
    Soooo unfortunately I'm lactose intolerant. And I cannot stand Soy in coffee, so at home I use lactose free milk with my EM6910 with great results.

    My query to all the cafe owners out there is why do you not offer lactose free milk?? After all isn't it sacrilege to use non dairy for good coffee??

    I have a theory that baristas may believe that soy is the only alternative for lactose intolerants? Because, yes, it has been the only choice in the past.
    I get confused strange looks every time I ask if they have lactose free, and the common response is they haven't heard of it, or that they do get a lot more people asking for it now. I have had it offered in 3 cafes, one in Sale, Echuca and where I work. My workplace uses it more than soy as they realized that it was a lactose issue not lifestyle/health issue for our milk choices.
    I make the effort too ask every time I get a coffee and I always explain that an alternative is available in hope that if word gets out....myself and many others can enjoy good coffee at any cafe.
    I think most of us intolerants just don't bother asking due to the looks we get...... as if we have asked for salt instead of sugar!?!??
    So is it a lack of awareness? A cost issue or something else???
    Looking forward to some discussion!!
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    Have you tried Bonsoy Mel?

    I hate soy but like Bonsoy.


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      I am also lactose intolerant.

      We discussed this nearly 3 years ago at:

      I became lactose intolerant about 13 years ago.

      I buy lactase tablets and liquid drops either from some chemists or from the internet and take some if I am likely to have dairy products or I stick to macchiatos.



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        I've had one customer ever ask for it. I said 'yes we have soy'. :-/ I thought I was being helpful and she stared back at me in frustration. I probably gave exactly the same response you've been getting everywhere as I wasn't really aware that it even existed.
        Id say its mostly down to not enough people asking for it and cafe owners not realising there is a demand for it.

        I'll definitely try and be a bit more sympathetic next time.


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          I have several dietary intolerant clients who bring their own milk and leave it in the fridge coz they know they're gunna be back daily - makes sense to me

          wastage is a big issue with brining a new product witha limited shelf life on board in a cafe setting - unless you can realistically use all of the product up before its use by date / and while its still fresh, then its not really viable in a cafe setting - either that or you charge accordingly (there are places that sell organic freshly pressed cashew milk coffees for $10ea and folks pay!)


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            Lactose intolerance is well explained at:

            Lactose intolerance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            I replaced my lactase tablets and drops today as they had passed their expiry date. I have had trouble before with old tablets being ineffective. I bought them from a large chemist shop in Chatswood.

            Who needs to buy cashew milk coffee for $10 when you can buy lactase tablets for about 30 cents each and consume cows milk?

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              Thanks for all the great info guys!


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                My wife and two kids all have varying intolerances to lactose, we've been using Liddells brand lactose free milk (skinny and full cream) for years now, tastes pretty close to the real thing too. Coles and Woolies both sell it in the UHT section. The full cream stretches very similar to real milk but the skinny sometimes has a strange thick kind of texture similar to soy, and stretches like it too.