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Newbie needs help using Breville BES820

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  • Newbie needs help using Breville BES820


    I very recently brought a Breville BES820 off a friend who upgraded their machine and for the last few days I have been trying to use and understand this machine. I have read the Manual but still confused on some points I hope you can help me with.

    1 - After I fill the machine up with cold water and press the power button the power light flashes for a few seconds and then all 4 lights illuminate and the water starts to heat but the only way I can tell if the water is hot is to turn the leaver on the right hand side to hot water to test how hot it is. - (What am I doing wrong here and how do I know when the water is hot enough to use as no lights come on to tell me)

    2 - Can someone explain how the Programme button actually works as struggling with it.

    3 - When i use a medium coffee mug I find the one cup filter only fills it up less then one quarter. is that normal or should I be using a smaller cup.

    Any help in setting this machine up so I can use and understand it is very much appreciated



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    I used the BES820 for a fair while, not a bad machine really but it does benefit from some modification.
    To answer your questions:

    1. The power light should flash for about a minute or so from the first start up. You should hear the pump turn on for a short time which fills the thermoblock and associated plumbing. When the power light is flashing the thermoblock is heating up. When all 4 lights turn on the machine has heated up and is ready to go. To test water temperature, press and hold the single or double cup buttons until a flow of water comes out. It should be very hot. This also will flush your group head for you which should be done before every coffee is made.
    After pouring a shot or steaming milk, the lights will turn off and the power light will flash again to show that it's heating back up to temperature.

    2. To program a shot volume, press the program button once when the machine is in a ready state (i.e. all 4 lights on). It'll beep once i think and the program button flashes. To program a single shot, press the single shot button once. It will begin to pour the shot and the button will also flash. Once you have the amount of coffee in the cup you want, press the single shot button again. It will stop the pour and the machine will beep twice i think, that tells you the shot amount has been programmed.
    To program a double shot, the process is the same except you press the double shot button instead of the single shot button.

    3. The reason it's only filling up the cup a small amount is because that's what it's currently programmed to do. By following my instructions in step 2, you can change that amount. What i actually did was to never use the program function. Because you will want to play around with the grind, dose and tamp pressures to get the best out of the machine, the machine will act differently to these changes which will require you to keep the pour going for longer or stop it sooner.
    What you can do to bypass the program function is to just press and hold the single or double cup buttons (doesn't really matter which one). This will just keep the pour going until you release the button.


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      Im going to add that you do not even want 1/4 of s standard mug filled (that is about 60mL) from single shot filter. You make espresso (20-30mL worth) and add hot water or steamed milk to your taste.

      Best advice I can give is buy some single walled (aka unpressurised) baskets from Beville. Don't buy the krups basket often suggested; whilst an improvement over the original I found the holes much larger and I can grind much finer with my new genuine ones. Plus they hold more coffee!