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coffee snobs notebook?

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  • coffee snobs notebook?

    My friend sent me this image the other day. Apparently at typo (burwood), they're selling notebooks listing different types of coffee beans with space to write notes in them. Maybe it'd be good for people to write down notes on roast profiles and such?
    Click image for larger version

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    I just did a search on google for these and they are available through Typo's online store. They look cute! I see that they also cover Food, Wine and Beer!


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      First thing I thought was potential breach of trademark?


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        Breach of trademark?
        I don't know how the singular of "Coffee Snobs" goes in a trademark case (Did Henry have to register Fords and Ford and Ford's?) but yes, I expect it is a breach of our registered Australian trademark and they shouldn't have been imported (from China).

        I bought one today in the Geelong Typo $16.95 which explains why dlskdnf89's friend sent a picture of one instead of buying it, ouch!

        It's a good thing though, nice layout and pages that allow easy cafe/coffee reviews in the back. I would take some more pictures of the insides but that would prob breach their copyright... ;-)