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Espresso:Milk in your lattes/FWs?

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  • Espresso:Milk in your lattes/FWs?

    I know there are standard conventions, but for those of us who are big on drinks, what's your ratio?

    The reason I ask is because I've only been to one place whose lattes I prefer to what I get out of my Classic every morning. It took me a while to figure out what it was, but after adding a bit more milk to mine a few times I've realised that it's probably got more to do with the espresso to milk ratio than whether or not the shot/steaming is any good (since this is has been true of a few places that people have raved about). Add a little too much milk and it stops tasting like a milky espresso shot and more like "generic coffee" (weak flavour with nothing able to be tasted/described outside of "coffee" and varying shades of "bitter" or "sour". Seems to change pretty quickly, too.

    I usually go for between 1:1 (including crema, not including any milk foam that settles out) out to 1:2

    So hit me with your preference (and before anyone asks, I've been specifying double-shots when I've been ordering FWs)

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    I've been practicing on the lungo, a coffee I was introduced to by people here. Basically coarsen the grund just a touch and pour a longer shot (~90ml) and then add my milk - a little more than would go in a macchiato. For my lattés I think about 1:1.5 for me but I noticed most café-goers prefer a bit more milk - maybe a 1:2.

    I blame it on poor early training in what a coffee should taste like...