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  • Roasted coffee price

    Hi all just an observation in regards to buying roasted coffee direct from roasters how come there is a huge price difference? example is I buy fresh beans from a small batch roaster in a S.E suburb of Melbourne, their price for a 1 kg bag of any of their blends is $30, now you go to any of the "bigger specialty' roasters they charge around $50+. They sometimes even use the same beans. Is it because they call themselves 'especialty' roasters and think they can charge this or is it overheads or something else, just wondering!

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    Like any business, apples ain't apples!

    You say they're selling the same beans: are you sure they're the same beans and same crop? Many beans can have the same name but not be from the same source, nor have the same quality/taste/wholesale price.

    If they ARE the same beans, it'd be hard to justify that kind of price difference. But then their are good roasters and bad ones, just like good baristas and bad ones. Perhaps their roast method is more labour intensive or they take more care with quality control... you get the idea!


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      The raw cost of the green beans is just a part of the overall cost base. Different rents, staff costs, owner's profit desires, so many different factors that go into a business deciding on what to charge.

      It's entirely possible that the small roaster selling for $30 per kilo is making a bigger overall profit than the "speciality roaster" selling for $50 per kilo, depending on costs and volumes.

      It's also entirely possible that neither of them are making any money at all, or at least not as much as they'd make per hour working at maccas.


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        Perhaps it's a case of where that micro-roaster does indeed use the exact same beans (and probably pays even more per kg due to the low volumes) but has extremely low overheads (no rent due to roasting on one's own property, no employees, etc...) and is able to make a decent buck (much, much better than working at maccas) while still passing along the cost savings to his customers.

        And... I can assure you that an artisan small batch roaster's role is far more labour intensive than anything you would find with the bigger outfits (wearing every possible hat and roasting 50+ batches per week). But... having said that... the rewards are definitely there for those willing to put in the work and the professionalism.


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          yeah some good points there. It's good to hear that it's not because they call themselves 'specialty' they can charge so much like some other types of businesses where they try to justify their product is far more superior.


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            You could do a blind taste test for us?


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              I get mine at a local roaster who also has a supply/maintenance side to their business. I pay $33 - $36/kg for fresh roasts (just got a member card so will be getting discounts from now on - Yaaay! ) and I looked around for other choices and they start at $40/kg and go up from there. There's a larger roaster that has the 'name' around town (when you talk coffee roasters, most people mention them) and they want $45 for similar beans (descriptions sound similar) But I am happy enough with my choice of supplier.

              If you like the coffee from the cheaper place, stick with it. Small guys need support to stay in business.


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                yep much agreed journeyman.