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Looking for Perth snobs near Welshpool!!

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  • Looking for Perth snobs near Welshpool!!

    Hi snobs,

    I had a few too many last night and potentially won myself a cheap Rancilio silvia on graysonline and while it is not in stone I made sure to autobid quite far just incase so I win it. Fast forward to this morning and I realised it's in Perth, collection only and I live in Sydney. Brilliant. If I win this I am looking for a snob to please please please pick it up for me and ship it over to me and I'll make it worthwhile. Anyone out there let me know!

    Thanks guys and remember; auctions and beers do not mix as well as a nice shot and some killer milk.


    Marc (who has to work today)

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    I'm not too far from Welshpool but may be limited to pickup during work hours.


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      Can also give you a hand if needed
      Nice win too btw!

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        Ah you guys are awesome! Good news (or bad I'm not sure) but I've been outbid and will leave it at that. Too much hassle. Lesson learned, don't drink and bid! Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.

        EDIT: If you guys are interested it was on graysonline just search for Silvia and it's there. Standing at 129 currently!