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Use by date on coffee beans

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  • Use by date on coffee beans


    I've got an old bag of coffee beans, i.e. sealed in a resealable bag. I've kept them in the fridge. Unfortunately when I finally looked at it I found the use by date is Sep 2012.

    Are they still safe to use? Or do I have no choice but to throw them out? I'm only asking because I'm unemployed now but I do have other coffee I can use.


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    Safe to use? Probably - as long as the bag was sealed properly i don't see why not. Open it up, have a smell, and feel the beans.

    Good to use, producing a nice thick, rich espresso? Highly unlikely at this age
    If best before is showing Sept 2012, assuming they are supermarket beans - at best they were roasted 6 months prior, generally 12 months (if not more!).

    Where are you located? Surely there's a local roaster near you, where you get pickup some fresh beans for ~$10-15. It would be much more enjoyable!


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      I'm located past Heidelberg, in Melbourne. I'm unemployed so I can't spend too much at the moment. I do have other coffee I can use. The beans in question are Antico Special Mocha. I've also got fresh Antico ground coffee. I was given Coles brand Ethiopian arabica coffee beans. I have no idea what the Coles brand of coffee is like but it was either that or instant coffee.

      I've just completed my Bachelor Degree so hopefully I'll be earning some money soon.


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        The beans won't kill you but they might not taste very good either. Have a go and see. You might like them, I'll pass though.

        One tip, don't keep beans in the fridge.


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          They will contain caffeine, if that's what you are after. It will take you one smell of fresh roasted beans and one of stale beans and you will be able to work out where the unopened beans will sit on the taste scale by smelling them

          Freshly roasted will always win in the taste department. Always something extra special about freshly roasted beans.


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            my understanding is that the use by date is two years after roast on date - so if thats the case they're nearly 4 years old - they might not kill you but I cant imagine that they taste any good either - for $20 (or less) you can get a second hand popcorn popper and roast your own green beans, enough for a couple of coffees at a time, in 4 to 6 minutes - green beans are way cheaper than roasted and fresh is best if that's an option!


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              so long as they were sealed they should be ok to use health wise, as far as flavour goes that's another thing altogether...

              you will probably appreciate freshly roasted beans even more when you can buy some if you have these for a while, so that's sort of a plus...


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                I've just decided I'll throw them out. I do have other coffee after all.


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                  Originally posted by pamount View Post
                  ....... I've also got fresh Antico ground coffee..
                  dont expect too much pleasure from that either !
                  Ground coffee goes stale within hours (if not minutes) of being ground.
                  Whenever possible, buy fresh roasted whole beans , and only grind enough to use for the brew you are making.