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Coffee machine on-screen product placement

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  • Coffee machine on-screen product placement

    I was watching an episode of Smash season 2 last night and I noticed a BES860 in one of the scenes. Although the main character (Derek Wills for all you Smash fans) went over to the machine and took a mug from the tray, it wasn't an obvious placement and 99% of viewers probably wouldn't recognise it.

    It got me thinking about coffee machine placement on other shows or movies. I remember a Pavoni in a bond movie from the Roger Moore era, but what else?

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    Our company had a coffee vending machine on set for Offspring on 10 and they actually joked, on air how bad the coffee was from a vending machine. Haha *not my area of work thankfully


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      Not quite a product placement, its from an TV ad, and I've been wanting to post this somewhere for a while...

      They secretly use Rancilio Silvias at McDonalds


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        LOL, nice pickup there.