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Sprudge Australian Barista Pay Survey.

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  • Sprudge Australian Barista Pay Survey.

    Just published today its an interesting insight into the range of pay that Baristas in Australia are getting.

    I Just Wanna Get Paid: The Results From Our Australian Coffee Income Survey »

    My initial thoughts are that their is probably a bias leading to a higher average pay then what is typical, only baristas who read or follow sprudge would have completed the survey, ie coffee geeks, it makes sense that they are more likely to work in cafes that reward their enthusiasm.

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    For something written by an non-Australian it shows a fairly decent grasp of Australian issues.

    Better than some articles on Australia in The Economist!


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      Average food spend in Sydney higher than Perth? No chance!


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        So I don't work in the coffee industry, it's more of a hobby / interest for me.

        I have wondered what the wages are like, thanks so much for sharing, quite an interesting and detailed read!


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          Great article. I come from Canada a country very similar to Australia. Canada shovels snow Aussies mow grass. That said wages are hard to compare as entitlements are quite varied. Such as leave and Super. Tips play a big part in ones wages in North America. So what really matters is cost of living verse your take home after tax. A lot tips never get declared. In Canada the going rate for a tip is 20%.

          People should be rewarded for a great product and service.

          Thanks for your post on wages. My current EBA is not going well.