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you know when you're truly a happy coffee snob?

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  • you know when you're truly a happy coffee snob?

    So I've had my Breville ikon aka BES400 for a little while now and I got it for free off freecycle. Been meaning to get a grinder since but never had the funds so I had to deal with preground coffee. Than I got 3 years worth of tax refund, 2 years I had forgotten to put in until now, and I started my trip to coffee nirvana, first I got the single filter basket and 2 days ago I got my Smart Grinder and beans from my favorite coffee shop here in Sydney. Only a true coffee snob would understand this: You know when you put the beans in the machine, it didn't take long to find the right settings are some experimenting, and you see the coffee falling down into the group head and its so fresh, the smell, the feel of the coffee powder between the fingers and than tamping it and making a fresh cup of coffee... Nothing better! I have never been a truly fulfilled coffee snob. I'm moving to newtown in a month and I'm honestly hoping to sell myself with coffee, what roommates wouldn't love to wake up to fresh coffee ?
    I'm getting some gold beans from beanbay, I hope these really are worth it!