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  • Lever espresso shots - where

    Hey all

    Any idea where in Sydney I can sample an espresso shot pulled on a lever machine?

    I'm interested in trying and seeing what the hype is all about......

    South west Sydney would be great but willing to travel

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    If your ever out northern beaches way, Brother Albert in Newport run a Mirage Idrocompresso, it been a while between drinks for me, but I assume they are still producing the goods.


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      Thanks Steve, its a hike from me at camden (other end of the world almost) but i may make it just to try


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        Originally posted by Lukemc View Post
        Hey all

        Any idea where in Sydney I can sample an espresso shot pulled on a lever machine?...
        Sponsors DeBartoli & @ Bondi jn, and Jet Black @ Neutral bay, both have Strega's set up on their bench's and are always welcoming a demo.
        Cafe wise,.."Critini's" Italian cafe/rest' in Castle Hills Piazza ( 5 mins off the M7/M2 jn)... have a beut' 3 group Izzo " Pompei" Lever.... ( but use Illy beans ?)
        Have a day outing ,..visit them all !


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          Thanks guys, may head to the northern beaches for a try! Id like to try at one of the sponsors but id feel bad, im not looking to buy at all, just be wowed by lever coffee!!!


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            I'm pretty sure brother's Albert have changed hands and took the lever with them. Prior to that it was the best on the northern beaches.


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              thanks smokeydeck! would have been nearly a 2 hour drive out there for tears!!!

              maybe ill head in to debartoli and see if they want to sell me a shot on their bezerra


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                Come to Melbourne Luke...

                Chez us, Pompeii shots on the house every saturday morning.



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                  Thanks Chris next time I'm down for work I'll pop round