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Green Bean Selection, First time roaster.

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  • Green Bean Selection, First time roaster.

    Hi all snobs, newbie here and thought I would see what advice is out there in your community. I am keen on cold pressed coffee, so I started looking at beans(roasted) which can be costly. With advice from this forum and other sites on the net, I thought what the heck, save a buck and have attempt at roasting myself. So any tips for a first timer would be great, also any ideas on what bean and degree of roast for a good cold brew, send it my way. My plan is to get the starter pack and start slow with a lot of experimenting, if all goes well I will commit to more green beans. Thanks Justin

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    If you can get someone to show you it will save a lot of time if you have never seen coffee roasted before.

    were are you located?


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      What do you intend to roast in? A popper is a good choice to start with. I did it that way as there is heaps on the net about it. It really is simple. There is no need to mod the popper, though if you eventually want to, then again, there is plenty out there on doing just that. If you do a search on youtube, I put a couple of videos on it quite a while ago of what 1st and 2nd crack sound like when roasting in a popper. You may find them useful. You can only do small quantities of course, but when you're starting, that's probably a good thing. Have a look under the Roaster thread, there's a sticky dedicated to roasting with a popper.

      One bean that I really like is Honduras Montana de Comayagua which is in Bean Bay. I roast it in a Behmor and find it easy to roast and tastes great. Though I don't brew them cold pressed.