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What optimal time for a tripple shot?

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  • What optimal time for a tripple shot?

    I've got an 18grams VST basket for my Oscar, and while I've found that it seems to give best results with 14grams of coffee tuned to brew in 30 seconds, I'm interested in trying to updose to 18 or even 21 grams. But what brew time should I aim for? I've got an OPV set at 9.5bar static, so should I still aim for 30 seconds?

    Edit: my aim is to get 90ml instead of 60ml, for when I'd like a massive mug of latte.

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    The time of your shots should remain the same whether you're doing a single, double, or even a quad shot. Depending on the baskets used and your machine you may find a small variation using the different basket sizes but it shouldn't be much.

    Pack as much coffee as you can into the basket and when you pull the shot do it into 3 glasses with the first 30ml in one glass, the 2nd 30ml in another and the last 30ml in yet another. Then taste each glass. I think you'll find that all thoughts of getting 90ml from an 18g basket will quickly disappear.

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      Try a 22g VST ridgeless basket before you poison yourself. Even luongo fans have limits.