Well, I am sure you all face the same tough decisions as me. All these wonderfull SO varieatals to choose from, limited space and money so you have to choose wisely. I have been roasting for 2 years, and still havent heard of all the SO available, nevermind try them.
I am guided by friends reccomendations when choosing my coffees, but fortunately they are also commercial roasters wich helps.

This is truly my biggest problem. Given the Money and space I would have tried it all by now.
My shortlist at the moment, not including the Mandehling, Supremo and Monte Alegre left from my last order.
Old Favourites:
Yirgichef, I have roasted this in copius amounts and never tire of its wonderful qualities
Huehuetanango, Surprisingly impressed for what it cost, but I doubt it will ever be $3.00/kg again

Wish to try:
Costa Rican Tarrazu
Costa Rican La Lapa
Ethiopian Limu
Ethiopian Harrar
PNG peaberry
Kenyan AA
Brazil Daterra (comes in a cardboard box, so it must be good)

Share with us what methods you used to decide which coffees to buy.