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  • Share your horror stories..

    I've got an unhealthy obsession with anything coffee and can't resist playing with new toys.

    I came across this description the other day;

    "La Pavoni espresso machine made in Italy. A couple of small patches of surface rust on base, other than that in overall good condition."

    Then I took a look at the photos... gasp...

    I think they meant to say "A couple of small patches of chrome left on the base".

    I know a picture says a thousand words, and its buyer beware, but would you describe it the same way?

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    Probably is only surface axisa, if the price is right would not be difficult to pull it apart and have the base re chromed.


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      It's an accurate, if somewhat generous description.


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        How about this:
        "This fairly rusty old piece of rubbish has done a million cups of coffee and is pretty well on it's last legs but I'd like to get enough to buy something decent to replace it".
        OK maybe "...a couple of small patches of surface rust on base" is a kinder description.


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          Rocky :-)

          That and looking at the sight glass, it is sitting dangerously close to the boiler level - doesn't look like this poor girl has seen much lovin.


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            I've found the same with cars at the moment. Looking to buy and some definitions of "surface rust" vary greatly.


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              Peoples standards differ, don't they.
              One man's "a little light surface rust" is another's "Rusty old hulk".
              Particularly true with cars.
              Some years ago I looked at buying (sight unseen) a used Celica for my son. The owner described it as nice paint in great condition.
              The RACQ reported it had obvious old accident damage that appeared to have been rubbed down with a brick.
              The owner was most offended that the RACQ had described it this way.