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Heres a brew that may well have a laxative affect.

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  • Heres a brew that may well have a laxative affect.

    Not sure what the owner of Canberra's Cupping Room was thinking about when he named/adopted this brew (Cascara) Cascara an alternative for Canberra's coffee-loving clientele Cascara is in fact a powerful laxative
    Cascara Sagrada - What You Need to Know

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    Just to put these clowns into context, Yelta......a friend tells me that they won't serve you a latte (but you will get a lecture on why they only serve flat whites). Coffee apparently quite ok though.


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      Yelta I'm not so sure the two links are talking about the same thing.

      Cascara Sagrada is the bark from a tree, the tree is called cascara. Whereas what the coffee shop is calling cascara is the dried coffee cherry.


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        I agree, however the spelling is the same so the connection is automatic, assuming of course people know what Cascara is and what it is commonly used for in Oz.

        I'm not sure why I'm trying to explain myself, the post was meant to be tongue in cheek with a touch of humour, surely this won't turn into a serious discussion!