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Group handle pours heavier one side

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  • Group handle pours heavier one side

    The Wega Polaris I have has always been biased to the left side pour on a double handle.

    Machine-wise it is completely level and I've actually adjusted it to be even un-level to try and over compensate. But no matter what, the left pours and the right needs to be 'teased' to begin but even then it is more on the drip side than the consistent flow. The left flows beautifully.

    The group handle aren't THAT worn, and are perfectly flat.

    Anyone have any ideas for me?

    Thanks guys.

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    Quite normal.

    If your group handle is *fully* commercial and has the spring loaded adjuster in the pourer outlet, adjust it while the coffee is flowing. That wont guarantee it will flow evenly all the time, but that's what its there for.

    If your group handle doesn't have the adjustable commercial pourer/outlet, I'm afraid that's just the way it is....

    FWIW if you have the basic home use outlet pourer on your group handle (which some manufacturers will put on their prosumer machines because it represents another teensy cost saving in the total scheme of things) , it is ALWAYS worse than the standard commercial outlets even the ones without the adjuster. and that's also just the way it is.

    I dont have any photos at hand, in any case you will know if your pourer has the slotted adjuster in the middle. If there isn't one, forget it and enjoy the coffee OR, buy an adjustable pourer and retrofit to your group handle.


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      Coffee Parts | Miscellaneous Spare Parts | adjustable short double spout 3/8inch BSP thread


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        Most of the time when I come across this it is the result of built-up old dried out coffee oils in the horizontal section of the spout. A good clean and most of the time the problem goes away.
        I've serviced hundreds of Polaris machines (which come standard with a basic open-topped double spout, no adjusters in sight) and never had this problem occur for any reason other than crap in the spout


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          Mine is only a Lelit I gave up on this years ago and just pour a double into a shot glass and split it. I did not know about the adjustable spouts thanks!


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            These are great ideas. It's no adjustable however it is the open top standard style.

            I pulled them apart this morning and scrubbed the flat section. It's improved a bit but I think they are just worn and need replacing. Ill trial a different set next week and see how it goes.