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Newby seeks advice on used bezzera, and other stuff

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  • Newby seeks advice on used bezzera, and other stuff

    Hi all, been lurking for a while and am amazed at the knowledge here.
    Please don't shoot me but this is my current kit.
    I've had a breville 800es machine for 5 years, stock standard everything.
    I've recently given up the preground supermarket beans and moved into smashing whole supermarket beans with a delonghi blade grinder.
    my wife and I only drink white coffee, either latte, cappuccino or flat white, depending how successful my frothing is ,lol.
    Anyway, I've been longing to move up to the next level but the budget is a bit right.
    I have found what seems to me to be a good second hand buy. It consists of an older bezzera bb04 doser grinder and a 1989 single group plumbed in bezzera machine, unknown model.
    I can post the price if that's allowable.
    My questions are, would this gear be out of my league or would I grow into it ?
    Is $xx a reasonable price for a machine that's 25 years old ?
    Would this machine suck water from a container while plumbing can be sorted?
    Or should I admit defeat and go back to moccona ?

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    I went from a BES820/sunbeam em480 to a ca. 15 year old Bezzera BZ99S (<$500) and a used Conpak K3P (<$300) after 5/6yrs . The difference using the two machines was night and day, although it still took me a little while to get the hang of it.

    That said, I would recommend moving to freshly roasted beans (I.e. not from a supermarket). The difference is significant, and there is no point upgrading equipment and using stale beans.

    You will probsbly need to give some more info about which Bezzera if you want specific details.

    Good luck!


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      Thanks for the reply Mrjack, the owner is uncertain of the model and I can't find anything on the Web to identify which model it is. The ad is on Sydney gumtree (search bezzera)with a few pics.
      Hope I don't get gazumped now !
      Look forward to yours and others opinions.
      Cheers Aza


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        After owning a top end machine for 10 years, I say go for it, but if you love the brown bean as much as it sounds, you won't regret it for a moment


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          My advice would be to leave buying espresso machines on auction sites to those that understand and can repair espresso machines.

          The vendor is openly saying it has a problem and it has been sitting for 5 years. Additionally, that means some things that used to work 5 years ago probably wont work now unless you are lucky.

          That means cost price, plus cost of repair plus plus plus...

          And of course that is if you can trust the anonymous vendor on said auction site.

          And they weren't a good coffee machine in their day. You would do better (better coffee for a start) with something more modern, and smaller, not requiring plumbing etc. unless of course you want something that big in your kitchen that requires plumbing and DRAINAGE (what everyone always forgets about). These were known coffee burners, and you may well be getting a better cuppa out of your domestic.

          My own opinion for what its worth, is that a beginner should probably look at buying a machine that can be demonstrated in person to be working well in all functions, before you hand over the money. Take it home, plug in and use straight up.

          That machine does not fit my criterion, and if that means spend more, atleast you have a measure of safety built in.

          I would rather see you buy a good grinder straight up to use with your current domestic. That will improve your coffee out of sight.

          Hope that helps.


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            Hi Azamagnum,

            1'st off...I declare.... I'm a newbie as well...That being said, I think I'm qualified enough to offer you my advise on this one...

            By gut feeling is...Do not go near it with a barge pole....

            The owner
            Cannot or will not give you a model number...
            You can not identify it by looking at it...
            It's been sitting for 5 years...
            It needs "some repairs"...

            Just reinforcing what the others have said...
            You run the very high risk of having to spend more money on it than what the machine is worth...Even if you fluke it and it works now...Chances are it could well break down at any time and cost you a lot to repair...

            My advise for what it's worth...

            Admit defeat and go back to drinking Maconna...At least you know the taste of what you are drinking...And you'll keep your hard earned money in your pocket...Hold off, and wait for one or all of the following....You save up enough money to get a single group head prosumer machine or a "reasonable" second handy comes your way...Don't be in a hurry to buy rubbish...Wait for good things to come... Same goes for the grinder...

            Hope this helps...



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              First step might be to get something better than a blade grinder. Breville Smart grinder is relatively cheap.


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                Thanks for the replies all,
                The bezzera grinder and machine have been sold to someone for about $300, so it might have been lucky for me considering your replies.
                In the short term I think I'll keep my Breville 800ES and look at buying a better grinder. I think the breville smart grinder and those sunbeam 480 ones seem to be in my price range, but I do get carried away when I see you guys saying words like rocky, k3, mazzer, ibertal etc.
                would buying a used one of these be a better investment than a new breville or sunbeam ?
                Thanks again,


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                  I currently have a Diadema machine in pristine condition, having just recently been fully serviced by Chris from talk coffee. It's an absolute bargain at my asking price as I'm moving overseas so I'm willing to let it go for less than its worth as I'm pushed for time. It would be perfect for someone looking to purchase their first high end machine, and will give years of faultless performance. At $1500 (neg) I'm sure it will be pounced upon by the first person who recognises it.


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                    Marcus, that is one sexy looking machine !
                    The only reason the bezzera got my attention was the $300 price tag which is within my budget.
                    I wish I could get somewhere near your asking price !
                    Cheers Aaron


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                      I would also argue that a grinder should be your priority coupled with a GOOD fresh roast bean supply. ( IE this sites Bean Bay !)
                      A pre-loved Rocky at <$200 is what i would look for. They live up to their name and are practically indestructible !
                      There was a good deal in the "for sale" section for a Rocky and a Silvia i believe !


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                        I think that's what I'll do based on all your advice.
                        I'll look for a used grinder like a rocky, compak or another one of those entry level name brands.
                        Then I'll need to try and work out what kind of coffee beans to buy.
                        Do I just take a stab or is there a beanbay comparison thread somewhere ?
                        All our coffee is with milk so what's the best beanbag bean for milk coffee ?
                        Thanks again all.