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Barista controlled v volumetric Linea

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  • Barista controlled v volumetric Linea

    Matt Perger has a very interesting experiment on his blog, where he measures the variability of shots when relying on the Linea's volumetric control rather than the barista timing the shot.

    Matt Perger

    In a nutshell, the barista runs each shot for 27 seconds and gets much more variability in his shots than just relying on the volumetric button on the Linea to control the shot.

    (This is the 2nd or 3rd time I've mentioned either Matt Perger's blog or his employer in a few days. Just to be clear, I find his scientific analysis fascinating, but I'm completely ho-hum about the coffee at St Ali, in fact I'd say I'm more often than not underwhelmed when I go there, so in no way am I promoting them)

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    And an interesting one from La Marzocco USAL

    Ben Kaminsky: Barista vs. Volumetrics


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      I always use the volumetric buttons on our Linea at work in every case.
      In the real world of barista work, consistency is key when you're multi-tasking.
      Ideally, grinder and machine is set up before service with shots tested for taste and pour.
      Then it's a matter of tasting and re-calibrating during the course of the day.

      In the case of the Strada EPs, volumetrics program is the preferred choice.

      Any barista ego stroking is put aside and it's all about less variables and more consistency for each paying customer, and certainly you want them to have as close as possible to have the same tasting coffee day in, day out, which brings them back next time.


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        Originally posted by sidewayss View Post

        In the case of the Strada EPs, volumetrics program is the preferred choice.
        Sorry sidewayss, but the Strada EP is not volumetric, but a timed shot, which is why it's so important to be consistent with dose and tamp.


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          Ah thanks, yes indeed.


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            Totally agree with sidewayss. When you are in a high quantity, high quality environment where multitasking is key, then you'd be mad not to use the volumetrics. We use it on our fb80 and they work quite well as long as they are calibrated correctly each week. And with the in built timer, it's very easy to tell a crap shot from a servable one.