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Upgrade time, it's funny when you remember what you promised yourself...

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  • Upgrade time, it's funny when you remember what you promised yourself...

    I was amused by something I remembered while chasing a glitch on a my current Lelit, one was I'd consider an upgrade in a few years (and it's nearly been three with the Lelit), and two being I did actually tell myself at one point that if I ever quit the smokes, I'd in part reward myself with a higher end machine, it being my last vice not killing me.

    So no cigs in a like 4 weeks, so just based on what they were costing me alone, I'm thinking probably affording a better machine is no big deal. lol

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    I promised myself that after I bought a Baratza Preciso to go with my Classic ( which took weeks to talk myself into) that was it. Laughed at all the fools and rich folks spending stupid money on coffee gear, like coffee could ever be that good.

    Twelve months later, I've just bought a PID'd Quickmill Alexia and an HG-One; 2800AUD all told. OTL


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      I might upgrade my grinder (K3 Kompak) but can't see I'll ever justify upgrading my Giotto PP, although The single group Speedster I saw the other day in Auckland just about changed my mind, $13k price tag was the only thing stopping me LOL


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        There was a time where I'd have looked at someone like they were crazy for buying a $2000+ machine for home use, these days I more turn a little green and hate them a little for it...

        Actually when I look at how much the smokes were costing me, I could afford something kind of special, but I'm going to limit myself a little, got other hobbies, so I'll look at the $1500 range for a machine this time, and follow up at some point with a nicer grinder to match.

        For me I really want heat exchanger or twin boiler this time, I love my fluffy milk drinks, if I can stay off the fags for another 2-3 years, maybe I'll look at a e61 style machine at the next upgrade stage...


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          The thought of, and lust for great coffee does strange things to people...

          Worth it though