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Fantastic coffee podcast!

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  • Fantastic coffee podcast!

    Hi Everyone,

    I thought I'd share this fantastic Joe Rogan podcast where he interviews Peter Giuliano from the Specialty Coffee Symposium. It's a great interview with heaps of information on the history of how coffee was spread around the world, certain brewing methods, the process of washing the bean and plenty more. The youtube link is below, however it's available as a podcast through iTunes (if you search the Joe Rogan Experience Episode #467). This guys seems to really know his stuff, and it's nice to hear it in a very casual interview.


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    I listened to this last night! Wow!

    I stayed up until 1:30am because it was that good of a listen! As usual when a coffeesnob gets into a conversation with another coffeesnob the conversation can be drawn up for hours on end. He was talking about information that I had already know but the depth of information he goes into and the passion he has is just awesome!

    Highly recommend the 2 hours of time it will take to listen to this!


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      I just watched it. Very interesting.



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        That was a great listen - just i-stored it.

        Interesting how the Maui Mokka got a great rap over there too!
        Be great to hear what his sponsors think - his ad's were hilarious!
        Still, bit of a shame he has to swear so much - I'd happily listen to this in the car with the kids if it wasn't for that…



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          Hey Matt,

          If you thought that was a bit over the top, I would strongly suggest you don't listen to ANY of his other podcasts!

          Great information though.


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            Way too much about filtered coffee and aero press bloody Americans ! Lol. He was so into his coffee yet had it in a way I just don't think beings out the flavour


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              what a great 2-hour listen it was!

              i'd say it was almost solely about filter, though i wouldn't blame being American for the excessive filter-talk

              +1 on the swearing! funny to watch peter trying (rather successfully) to ignore the swearing and getting much more comfortable with it towards the end (and observe the same in myself!)


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                Finally got around to watching it myself; I've gotta say it was very enjoyable and has actually sparked an interest I thought would never rise (origins).

                I also found this very interesting/gratifying.