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  • Scales for up to 100g


    Some of us here are a little more.... shall we say.... obsessed than others about certain aspects of the coffee making process. YES - I am one of them!

    To that end, some people like to actually measure how many beans they are grinding per shot.

    I would do this, except my digital scales are not really accurate enough.

    Well, whilst doing my afternoon surf of favorite web sites, I found one of these discounts direct type places which have a bunch of products on sale today.

    One of the items is a set of jewellery scales. Up to 100g in increments of 0.1g
    $25 delivered. I think Ill have to buy some :

    Ive got nothing to do with the sale of the items, the web site, the export/import etc., just thought I would mention them.

    The site is daily deals. I wont post a link, but if you Google
    daily jewellery scales
    pages from Australia
    its about 4th on the list.

    Mods, feel free to remove if you wish!


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    Re: Scales for up to 100g

    I saw a similar set of scales at this week. I think it was a similar price, youd be supporting a site sponsor and so on.


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      Re: Scales for up to 100g

      Hmmm - yes, quite a bit more cost.
      That is why Im happy for the mods to remove this if they want though.

      BTW Viv - tamper #995 - So close!!!!


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        Re: Scales for up to 100g

        Now I know where the term bean counter came from! ;D


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          Re: Scales for up to 100g

          Those scales at CoffeeParts are a bit pricey for occasional use I guess but I think they are very high quality.

          I bought a set of Jewellers Scales when I first started roasting my own beans, they weigh up to 200 grams and have a resolution of 0.02 gram. They only cost me $46.00 delivered and if anyone is interested in something similar, send me a PM and Ill supply you the address. This company specialises in weighing instruments so have a wide range of types, quality and prices.