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  • Training on own machine

    Hi there,

    I would like to do a training course to improve my coffee making and have a strong preference to do this on my own machine with my own grinder. I have a mate in the same situation as me. Can anyone recommend a training course that can help - ideally at one of our houses, but we are willing to travel.


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    Veneziano/ First Pour in Abbotsford runs classes where you can take your own machine. the lessons at home idea I a great one,but I don't know of anyone offering it.


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      Jetblack Espresso do courses at home, or they may have your machine at the shop and let you use that machine during a shop run lesson.


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        May help if you let us know where you're located.

        FWIW, it really doesn't matter if your gear is reasonable as the skills you learn with a good trainer will be easily transferrable.


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          My point of view ,from a training management point of view.

          In a standard class with several students, its more time consuming and harder for the trainer to manage where people have brought their own differing sets of equipment and expect the trainer to address all their particular individual concerns with their equipment. If they are prepared to pay for a longer than standard lesson, no worries.

          With regard to doing home lessons, again.....if the client is prepared to pay extra for what amounts to an individual lesson, no worries.

          The problem is for the clients to understand what they are paying for. If training school X has coffee classes for $150.00 and training school Z has them for $275.00, where X is a general class conducted on the schools machine/s, but where Z encourages people to bring their own equipment, some clients will understand and be prepared to pay more to get a class o their own, while other will not understand and go the cheaper class. As noted by Talk Coffee above, the principles will be the same and transferrable, just that the level of "care" afforded to individuals in the class will be different.

          I dare say most people will just take the cheapest quote, and therein lie the usual quandaries for people running training schools, and who may not get the numbers even though they give more for the extra money.



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            On the other hand you could do a bit of reading on the subject (lots of good instructional info on Coffee Snobs) and save yourself some $$$.

            It's really not that complex.