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Recall on Aldi double wall glasses

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  • Recall on Aldi double wall glasses

    Just noticed this on the ACCC recalls site.



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    Thanks for the warning. As it happens I have been considering purchasing some double-walled cups, possibly the Bodum ones from General Trader. Comments anyone?


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      Ooooh. Considered getting some of these 'cause they were cheap. But decided against as cheapness was my only reason. I have used the Bodum ones for a few years now. Like the way the drink looks in it, holds it's heat well, but my short blacks don't pose much of a challenge there. Nice to drink from, but I prefer a nice fine cup (china?)

      When you drop one on tiles...... they SHATTER! Sort of explode, really.

      My suggestion is: try them, but don't leave them on the very edge of the bench.


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        I use Avanti dual wall / borosilicate in most common sizes for coffees (25ml to 450ml range). They are brilliant compared to porcelain / china for retaining heat. They also keep cold drinks well, without the dreaded moisture puddles. The company has been doing good stuff in glass and stainless for decades now, so I guess they have it sorted as most other ones seem to be troublesome. I did manage to break one (yes, it exploded), however it was an inadvertent Karate chop (didn't realise it was there) which actually hurt my hand. It took a pretty tough whack to demolish it!