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  • big brother barrista cam


    Probably old news, but have others noticed a proliferation of CCTV/LCD wired coffee stations.
    Ive seen a couple in Melbourne recently: all with Amanti machines.

    Each bit of gear [Grinder, Tamp Press, Groups & Steam wand] has its own mini camera on the Barrista side, and an LCD screen on the customer side so you can watch the entire process close up.

    Cool gimmick.......Yes, Great for training and show....Yes, but would it influence me to buy a coffee?

    After watching a dirty, wet and unwiped portafilter, get a grindless dose of presumably stale coffee, seeing a finger meticulously dislodge, undose and unlevel its contents whilst expertly managing to leave grinds around the top of the PF, a close-up visual of a gushing extraction and then finally seeing a "too much information" close-up of a very dirty steam wand enter milk that had clearly previously been frothed and then not get a wipe after completing the texture, I can say categorically, that yes, it did influence my decision to buy a coffee from that barrista*

    Oh yeah and they were charging $3.80 for a latte.

    *PLEASE fee free to substitute "barrista" for "that pimply work experience teenager featured in the Simpsons"

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    Re: big brother barrista cam

    Ive seen them too, also on Amanti machines. Much like yourself, i did wonder what the point of it all was when i could see just how poor the habits of the PBTC were!


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      Re: big brother barrista cam
      Naked Coffee in Brisbane films their extractions and they would most definitely be better than the Amanti machine shots.
      John Ronchi, one of the owners, has street cred (Luca pulled shots with him at ICTF in Sydney last year).


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        Re: big brother barrista cam

        Cafe Ray used to have a shot cam, not sure if they still do. I only ever saw it on the Living Coffee DVD.

        I was at an airport somewhere, probably Melbourne or Sydney and there were a couple of small screens on a coffee machine showing the shot and its preparation. Novel but not compelling.


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          Re: big brother barrista cam

          That would be an interesting thing to watch between queueing to order and getting the coffee.

          Wherever I go and try to see and time the extraction, all I can see is the back of the machine, or, if its side on, the view is ALWAYS obstructed by the portafilter handle.