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Question for Rockingham Cup Owners

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  • Question for Rockingham Cup Owners

    Hi Coffee Snobs, the forum has been very helpful in my quest for nice, thick lip coffee mugs. Been reading around and decided I didn't need 6 cups for myself at home so i'm turning away sadly from ACF and Acme. Have decided on Rockingham Cups, but I just need to know... How tall are the cups?

    My home machine is a modified DeLonghi: it's ridiculously small but it makes good coffee... but it IS ridiculously small. I don't want to buy the cups only to have them not fit under the basket.

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    The 280ml cups are about 6.5mm high and 200ml ones are 5.5cm high. These are the round type not the tulip ones. The acf ones are taller in the 280ml variety. The rockingham aren't as thick as acf or np but it's good to know that they are cheaper and easier to replace than acf ones