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What might go wrong if I put a coffee machine outside?

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  • What might go wrong if I put a coffee machine outside?

    Does anyone here have experience with an espresso machine being left outside? It won't have direct sunlight on it, but it gets much dustier than indoors. It might get a few drops of water on it, and I'm sure a few cockroaches will sneak in as well. I will put a cover on the bottom of the group to keep it clean. I would also like to put it beside a barbecue if that won't do it any harm.

    It won't get much use during winter, but I can turn it on and cycle some water through it every now and then. It will get used a few times a week when the weather is nice.

    So am I asking for trouble? I want it to be reliable and last many years. Budget allows for a quality machine, but I am not looking for machine-specific recommendations at this stage. Just wondering what problems I may have if the machine is left outside.

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    Just put a barbeque cover over it, i havent had any issues with leaving my coffee machine outsideClick image for larger version

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      Depending where you live, the ants will also use it for water. The cockroaches will almost have you pulling it apart to spray the thing.

      Anything that loves a warm machine.


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        I had the problem with ants getting into the water tank. It was almost a daily occurance.


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          Thanks for the replies. I hadn't considered the ants. Plumbing it may be an option. My preference would be tanked as the volume will not be very high. I was planning on keeping the tank inside so that it won't get contaminated by the roaches.


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            This is what you want. Put it in there.
            That will keep the little suckers out.