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    G'day all

    Last week I completed a 2 hour "home barista" course at Sexie Coffie and really enjoyed it!
    Had a one-on-one session with Jasen. The first half was on grinding tamping and pulling shots. The second half was on texturing and pouring milk, some done on his Wega Polaris EVD 2 group machine and some done on my puny Sunbeam EM4820. We practiced with a kilo of his "Mojo" blend which was only roasted 5 days before.

    Take a look at my best latte art!
    Click image for larger version

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    Jasen is currently using a 30kg Jopper for roasting and, after mentioning that I intend to use a popper to roast my own, was kind enough to share some Costa Rica green beans for me to have a "crack" at also.
    Looks like the next stage for me is to grab an unpressurised basket and a decent tamper to see how far I can take the Sunbeam! I can feel a case of upgradeitis coming on!...

    If you are in the Wide Bay/Burnett region (which wouldn't be many on this forum) and can't get to Brizzy, or don't want to pay much for some experience in better coffee making, then I would highly recommend giving Sexie Coffie a call.

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    Im from south of brizzy and when travelling north I always stop at sexie coffee near maryborough and rocky.


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      Sexie Coffie in Rocky 'is no more'.
      Under new ownership and name changed to "Two Professors".
      I am sorry to see them go as they made a huge impact on the Rocky coffee scene in terms of quality.
      The actual cafe didn't have two cents worth of ambience but the staff were enthusiastic and the coffee great.
      Hopefully the coffee scene will not now just slip back into mediocrity.


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        Hey Rocky
        Have you checked out the 2 professors yet? The cafe looks and feels a lot better than its previous sterile incarnation. Ironic, that Sexie resembled a hospital wars... Anyway they are still sourcing their beans from Sexie coffee roasters and most of the staff are previously Sexie people (pun was intentional). The new owner Rory is a former staff member. It's Sexie coffee by another name but with new cups and chairs.


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          I am in Rocky often for work and I did try Sexie once, I wasn't terribly impressed

          I normally stick to a Benchmark Coldpress from Stellarossa...

          Is the new joint now worth visiting again?


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            Yep, give it a crack. They're trying a few things so I reckon if they're trying it's worth trying...


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              Yeah Mike, had a cup there the other day.
              Wasn't nuts about the new (big) clear plastic double-skin cups - like my coffee in ceramic (just old & hard to please)
              Had a chat to Spencer and expressed my hope that all that was good about Sexie had rubbed off on to the Professors.
              TBF - I'm surprised you weren't happy, I never had a bad cup at Sexie - just lucky I guess.
              I like Stellarossa, I thought the bean didn't have quite as much character as Sexi Coffie but still a good cup.
              I will give the Professors a fair go as it has good DNA so hopefully will 'flower' once they get into their stride.
              (they need some CAKE to go with the coffee - when my 99yo Mum shouts me a coffee I want CAKE with it!)


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                Yes, I asked Jasen about the sale of the Rocky store and he regretted the sale, but he didn't want to have to look after two stores. Hopefully the coffee scene stays vibrant for you. And I have to agree with you on the cake! I'm assuming because Jasen started at GJs he used it as a template to build Sexie Coffie, hence, no cake...

                Strangely enough I've never been blown away by the Sexie Coffie house blend. Jasen is offering the Sexie 2 blend also, as well as other blends like the Mojo. He said that he was the first coffee establishment to offer a choice of two blends, long before the likes of GJs started.


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                  Yep not excited by the double insulated glass cups either! Where 's the ceramics?

                  I know and I don't want to start a flavour preference debate but I'm not excited by blends anyway. I'm a single origin junkie. I only roast it and drink it - and will drink a blend at a pinch, so Stellarosa isn't even on my radar and Sexie blends don't do it for me at all. Seriously happy the 2 professors are offering a single origin.


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                    Originally posted by mikejoc View Post
                    Yep not excited by the double insulated glass cups either! Where 's the ceramics?
                    I'm guessing it's a cost savings. Just looking at those double insulated glass cups at Kmart, they're really cheap!

                    Originally posted by mikejoc View Post
                    Seriously happy the 2 professors are offering a single origin.
                    Single origin in a cafe? Wow!


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                      The Rocky Sexie Coffie was a seriously good cafe. There was a real 'passion' for what they were doing from ALL the staff, not just the Baristas.
                      You could talk coffee with anyone on the staff and they were interested.
                      Didn't always have in-depth knowledge but at least interested.


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                        Wow Rocky! That sounds great! Wish more coffee establishments had that kind of atmosphere.