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  • Pods or Instant or ...?

    Looking for direction on this one, all opinions welcome.

    I work from home mostly and up until recently that has been awesome, firing up the Lelit Combi and grinding fresh beans throughout the day as the need arose. Life was good.

    Now I have a newborn in the house who unfortunately doesn't find the beautiful sound of coffee beans being pulverised in a grinder to be particularly soothing (one day, but not now apparently).

    So I need to make coffee, I need it to taste good, and I can't use a grinder. What to do?

    Instant? Pod machine? Are there other options I'm missing?

    Thanks all in advance for your thoughts.

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    Quiet grinder or hand grinder?


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      Porlex mini - manual ginder. I'm getting one myself in a week. Many words on here about Hario an the beautiful Lido II as well.

      If you need coffee to taste good, you need to avoid instant and pod coffee.

      Congratulations on the new addition!


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        Originally posted by geosta View Post
        Instant? Pod machine? Are there other options I'm missing?
        Tea. :-D

        Or put your grinder on an extension lead, go out to the car/shed/garage/neighbour's house and do it there. ;-)


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          hand grinder + syphon, pour over, french press, aeropress, Vietnamese Phin, cold drip etc etc. plenty of choices.


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            A newborn is a big enough impact without losing fresh ground coffee. Move Bub to a quite place while grinding (you might need to invest in a portable basinet or similar).


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              Doser grinder inside a soundproof box, then open the door to use the doser.


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                Hadn't thought of a hand grinder, I knew you guys would come up with a solution!

                @chokkidog - unfortunately I live in "cosy" two bed apartment, my neighbours two floors up know when I grind so
                @shortblackman - thanks That Hario website is dangerous, so many shiny things!


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                  Longer extension lead? :-)

                  The Hario Skerton is good, I have one for cupping. I like it better than the Porlex, which my daughter has.

                  Good workout.


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                    Yeah, my hand grinder will be for work (classroom) essentially. But I'll find many other applications for it as well.


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                      big foam padding around under and above the grinder? the same stuff they use on drum kit casings?

                      just before you do get one, i've used a few harios for a few months - they still crank out a fair amount of noise (think salt/pepper grinder, but continuous for about 45-90 secs. then again you can always go for a morning stroll and grind outside, or in the toilet/other room or something. otherwise they work well for espresso - just not very well for filter.

                      you'll still lose some quality in the shot if you use the porlex or hario IMO, so if its viable and you can afford it, try the lido,pharos or rosco.


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                        Thoughts on the Hario slim mill?

                        Edit: thanks Tim, I'll likely be using either a French Press (if the wife is around) or a single-cup swissgold drip filter.


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                          worked well for me. ceramic burrs tended to be hard to wash out old coffee grounds and oils, but didnt affect what was in the cup that much. for espresso, worked well. once again, cant say the same for coarser grinds.
                          i really liked that it had a lid, made it much easier to use than the skerton for me. i liked tilting it slightly and using both hands to turn the handle (made beans fly out without a lid on the skerton).
                          still produced a fair amount of fines, but i could only tell the difference in taste when i switched to a mazzer.


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                            if you're using making filter coffees and are on a tight budget, you might want to consider the skerton with the OE lower bearing upgrade. I' just installed one on a skerton the night before leaving on a one month placement in a small country town. it is extremely fiddly to install (check out the youtube video OE has on the upgrade) but works really well - been using it for the past week and though i know i didnt install it quite so perfectly, it's really improved my filter grind. only problem is it doesnt work on the slim model.


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                              Thanks again tim, the budget isn't so much the issue, just that this will only be a temporary solution until I can get back to my Lelit so I don't want to invest any serious money into what is hopefully a temporary solution.

                              Thanks again to everyone for their comments.