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Too much ground left in cup?

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  • Too much ground left in cup?

    Hey guys last week I purchased my first espresso machine a Breville BES870. So far I have been very happy with the quality of coffee it is producing, preferring it over my local cafes. One thing I have noticed though is that it is leaving grounds in my cup when I have finished my drink. I have cleaned the machine and the portafilter and have watched when the coffee is being extracted to ensure nothing is leaking over the sides into the cup. I have used new beans, increased coarseness, increased the amount of coffee being grounded and experimented with different tamp pressures, all does not seem to make much difference to the ground being left over. I am wondering if this is normal and if not is my machine faulty? The shots it is producing is near on perfect so I am just not sure how this is happening. It also happens with both the single and double cup baskets. I am using the Breville baskets that came with the machine. I have attached a photo for you guys to have a look yourselves. This was with the single basket. Would really appreciate any help.

    .Click image for larger version

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    I presume you're using the inbuilt grinder? It sounds to me like it is producing too many fines. i.e. the grinder is producing grinds that are not all the size you are setting and the finest ones are passing through the basket into your cup. I haven't used the Breville so I don't know if it's common to the machine or you've got a grinder that needs fixing.


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      Hello Josh,

      Are you dosing to the amount that when you tamp the Breville tamper goes into the filter to the depth of the silver cap?

      Too much coffee grounds may stop the rim of the filter from sealing fully with the plastic gasket, allowing some grounds to overflow into the cup.

      Try reducing the dose.



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        Thanks heaps for the replies.. This forum is awesome! I reduced the dose and unfortunately there was still a small amount of ground left in the cup. Just wish I knew if this was normal or if I should return the unit


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          I've gotten grounds in my cup on heaps of different machines. I wouldn't be too concerned about it. The Breville baskets aren't engineering and design masterpieces so the holes in them may vary a little bit in size. If you happen to get a small particle of ground coffee near one at the right time then out it'll come.

          The grinder in the BES870, although a great improvement over the BES860, is still not up to the same quality of the Breville Smart Grinder or other higher quality grinders that can produce a more consistent grind. You would expect some little issues like the one you're experiencing. If you're happy with the coffee though then don't worry about it. However, if your method remains unchanged but you start getting more grounds in the cup then maybe there's a problem somewhere.

          Might be an idea to call Breville and see if they have received any complaints similar to yours for the BES870. Gives you an idea of if you're alone on the matter or not.


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            Also check to make sure you're not picking up grinds on the bottom of the portafilter when tamping etc.