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  • It's in the bag!

    Something we all need? Another harebrained scheme to make money out of coffee, or a serious contender for

    Grower's Cup, World's first DISPOSABLE 'coffee machine' lets you brew on the move | Mail Online

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    What's wrong with the old knotted sock full of coffee in the billy can over a fire? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Besides, looks like yet more plastic headed for the landfill.


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      Not the most balanced article, was it. Honestly, if you really must reinvent the teabag, why not just make a disposable "pour over" type filter?


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        I'd be suspicious of anything made in Middelfart.

        The whole concept sounds like just another bag of wind; all gas and no substance. ;-)

        "Yes, there's lots of cheese cutting in this Funen Island town where one of Denmark's largest dairies is based. But the name Middelfart actually means "central passage," referring to a ferry link that used to connect the island with the Jutland peninsula. Whale hunting was big business in the strait until the late 1800s; now it's sailing and whale watching. Charters and yachting Middelfarters happily harness the abundant breaking wind.
        If You Go: Take a whale-watching cruise on a sailboat. The South Funen Archipelago is a popular place for yachting, and small ferries connect many of the islands with the mainland. Visit author Hans Christian Andersen's house stationed along the narrow cobblestoned streets in Odense, Funen's largest city."


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          'Our coffee bag is to coffee what the wine bottle is to wine' doesn't make much sense to me. I'm also surprised it took NINE years to develop.

          I'm sure there's a market for it, after all the bags look cute with their country of origin designs . The cost is reasonable too.


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            But imagine the waste. There is as much packaging there as there is for a 250g of whole beans/ground coffee.

            Convenient, maybe. Environmentally responsible? Not on your life.


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              Originally posted by MrJack View Post
              Not the most balanced article, was it. Honestly, if you really must reinvent the teabag, why not just make a disposable "pour over" type filter?
              Because other companies have already beat them to that. The pour over types also have the added advantage of being able to toss the filter and used grounds into the campfire after brewing your coffee leaving nothing but the outer ~10cmx10cm mylar or cellophane wrap to be packed out for proper disposal.

              Java "The Yuppies have arrived!" phile
              Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                9 years in the making..... I hope he's already started on his next 'invention' ;-)


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                  There are already many sealed, pre-ground, single serve, "pour over" , coffee bags available. nothing new there !
                  But this , together with all the others still fail the "fresh grind" is best , test .