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Things to check when buying a secondhand

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  • Things to check when buying a secondhand

    Hi all,

    I have offered to buy a secondhand EM 6910 and EM 0480 for $350.
    Considering the equipment are 1.5 years old, do you reckon it is a fair price?

    I am going to bring some beans and test the equipment next week, is there anything i need to check apart from:
    1. grind result from the EM0480
    2. The espresso and steam produced from the EM 6910 ?
    3. sign of leaks


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    If machine is in very good nick, sounds reasonable. If not, an extra $150 would get you a new machine from the Good Guys. Obviously it depends on the situation but check the list below to get some idea of where things might be awry.

    Can you get a copy of the receipt? The machine is likely out of warranty but SB warranty the pumps for 5 years.

    When you run the coffee listen as the water turns off for the sound of the pressure being released.

    Check that manual, single cup and double cup buttons work as expected.

    Ask if the grinder is shimmed.

    Take off the hopper, clean the burrs and get light reflection on the edges to make sure they look sharp.

    Check the bottom burr for side-to-side wobble. (or up and down, but that would be rare and I don't think it would produce usable grinds if it moved up and down) Side-to-side should be minimal - if it moves 1mm either way I'd probably look elsewhere for a grinder. 1mm in total would be acceptable. Solid is best.

    Check how long it takes for the steam to work. There are 2 parts to this - how long before the pump comes on full volume and how long before useful steam comes out. Steam at right pressure is quite loud on the 6910. (I just got a 7000 and at first thought maybe the steam was broken, it was so quiet in comparison to what I was used to. )

    Run the steam for more than a couple of minutes and listen for surging in the steam (the pump always surges) The steam should be pretty constant.

    Look up inside the group head (ideally remove the shower screens) for signs of build up or corrosion. Doesn't need to be shiny but I saw one that looked like it had been in the ocean for a couple of years.

    Ideally, use the rubber disk and run a cleaning cycle - if the machine is going to leak it will do it then. Look for water under the tray - if there's more than a little bit, something is wrong. (don't forget to put a container under the group when doing the cycle. )
    - cleaning cycle is, turn machine off with Power button on panel, hold down single and double and press Power. When light starts cycling through each button, let buttons go and cycle will start - takes a few minutes to run through.


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      a) Only you can decide if the price is fair.

      b) you are buying a used item. All you can do really , is test that all the functions are operating as they should.

      To do that, you need to have a fair command of espresso machine use and therefore know what to expect. Most people in the market for such equipment, used, probably don't (have the ability to be able to test all functions and make sure it is operating as it should and know what to expect).

      And of course all you can ever know when buying used, is that it is working at the time you test it and hand over your money. It may develop a leak tomorrow, something might fail nest week....and that's just the way it is.

      Therefore, you are probably better off paying the ransom and buying new, where you are protected by the guarantee offered by the manufacturer.