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    We run a small Salon at home and to keep the clientele happy i have an Expobar Office Control. I think im making OK coffee but always room to improve.
    What im trying to work through at the moment is reducing wastage. For the clients we make single shot lattes. Ive been told that i should never use my single basket and to only use the double basket which will allow me to get better consistency. The scenario im trying to work through is this:

    If the double basket is designed to make a double shot or 2 singles then to get just the single shot i have 2 options:

    1. Pour into 2 latte glasses at the same time. I then would most probably have to throw one away.
    2. Pour into 1 latte glass and stop the pour at half way. (ristretto)

    Both of these options seem like im going to have some waste. Ive never worked in a cafe so not sure how others handle the same situation. Im sure it wouldnt be as big an issue as you could probably save the second glass knowing that it would be used and at worst one wasted shot isnt a big deal when you are working with a large volume of coffees.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way to setup the machine in our environment? Is the single basket ok?

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    how much are you paying for your coffee? is the price of coffee a significant factor in) the total running costs of making coffee?

    how picky is your clientele?

    as i've said elsewhere, i really like the expobar single (compared to say the rancilio single). if you're only making singles, it is definitely possible to set up so that the single makes a very acceptable cup of coffee, but then the double might not be dialed in correctly.


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      If you haven't tried using the single, you might be pleasantly surprised - I know I was. I think give the single a try.


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        Originally posted by roger00713 View Post
        I've been told that i should never use my single basket and to only use the double basket which will allow me to get better consistency.
        I have found only using a double basket does make learning to make coffee easier in the early days of your journey.
        However, getting used to a single basket in not an impossibility.

        The reason the "suggestion" to only use the double basket came about is because the problem for beginners (and some not so beginners) is the changing of the grind back and forth.

        From your post you don't say you make 2 drinks at a time. But if you occasionally did it would just take a little longer if you only ever use the single basket.

        Saying all that, depending on which grinder you have and how accurately you can move between grind settings, once you've learned what setting you need for a double and what setting you need for a single, even swapping between becomes natural.

        So if you want to only use the single basket, I say go for it.


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          You can work with singles there's just less room for error with a single so when you're learning it's harder.
          It comes down to flavor vs cost. If it was me I'd just drink the other shot myself haha


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            I make singles at home 90% of the time. Been doing it for years, it's just a matter of getting used to it.


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              May I suggest that if you really want to use the double basket dose a little more than a single, say 9 grams instead of the 7 gram standard of a single. That way you get the simplicity and ease of the double basket but minimal wastage.

              That or keep using your single basket, you must be getting good with it by now and maybe you don't need to change.


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                I appreciate everyone's feedback. I think for the time being I'll continue using the single basket. Seems to make a good enough shot for the clients. I like to use a double for myself which will be the tricky thing switching between them both. I think a new grinder is in order as well before I spend too much time working it out.


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                  Something to think about - VST baskets are made to a high standard with the result that the same grind will be very close to ideal no matter what size basket you use. i.e. you can use the single or a 15g and not have to fiddle with grind.

                  Note though that the VST's require some adjustment to learn to use them effectively - for a start you can grind finer than with a 'normal' basket, which improves the flavour considerably.

                  The issue with adjusting the grind for different sizes is compounded by many grinders needing to either be empty or running to effectively get a proper adjustment - the first is an extra hassle you don't need and the second adds more wastage.