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Any places that do 1 day espresso machine hire in Sydney?

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  • Any places that do 1 day espresso machine hire in Sydney?

    So I'm needing to do an event, for a couple of hours, and I was wondering if anybody knew of any vendors that rented out light commercial machines for 1 day or so. If anybody has information about places that just let you get a machine and grinder, not a full cart, which is out of my price range, that would be great.

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    Did you google? 'Coffee machine hire Sydney'?

    Pretty much all the places that do it are non sponsors.


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      Actually, the funny thing is I can't find anything east of the blue mountains, aside from super-automatics.


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        "Need an espresso machine for an event?
        We can help!
        Two Group:
        2 group Milano (Wega) espresso machine.
        For larger events in/around Sydney (unless you like a long drive).

        Complete with:
        Mazzer Super Jolly grinder
        Knock tube
        Water and waste bottles
        and of course, xxxxxxxxxxxx, coffee (if required).

        If required, paper cups, sugar sticks and stirrers also available.
        Just add water, mlik, a barista and power!
        Important information:
        This machine is heavy (60+kg), requires a solid table/bench, and while it has been adapted to use a standard power point, it uses the whole capacity of that power circuit when operating. It needs a wagon or hatchback for transport (it will not fit into any car boot), and someone with commercial espresso machine experience to operate.
        Note: We are based in Springwood, NSW and we cannot offer a delivery or pick up option for this machine
        Costs: From $140 per occasion + coffee if required. Longer periods by negotiation."


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          Google(verb)... some can... some can't


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            Originally posted by Vinitasse View Post
            Google(verb)... some can... some can't
            Google(verb)... some can... some won't... We get lots of email enquiries from our website for stuff (like jugs and tampers) which are easily found on our website. Some just want the answer.