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Is it a normal single shot??

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  • Is it a normal single shot??

    Hi all, I am a new born in coffee, I am now using Sunbeam EM6910 coffee machine and a EM0480 coffee grinder
    My single shot come out with 18 sec for 30 ml, is it too fast? coz I saw the forum said around 20-25 for 30 ml will be the best.
    please advice~

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    Do you like the taste:
    Yes - your timing is fine
    No - adjust your grinder or dose more coffee to get closer to 20-25 sec
    Not sure - play around a little to see what differences the variants make.


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      Welcome to Coffee Snobs.

      25-30 seconds for 30 mls is correct.
      I also look for about 8 seconds before the first drop.
      Adjust the grind a bit finer or add a little more coffee to slow down the pour.
      One or the other but not both at the same time.


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        Thanks so much for the advice.
        but my grinder already turn to 0 which can't not a bit finer, but I will try add a little more coffee tonight after work~
        my first drop is 6 seconds.


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          Sounds like the grinder needs shims, probably 2. These are thin washers that go under the bottom burr and lift it closer to the top burr. Effect is to move the dial back up the range for a given fineness of grind. It's around 7 notches per shim so 2 would put at about 14 for the same as you are getting now.

          They are on ebay or SB send them out if you call.

          NOTE: The bottom burr has a nut on top which is RIGHT-HAND thread - turn it the opposite way to normal.