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La Pavoni 2 group coffee machine & grinder 1998 model

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  • La Pavoni 2 group coffee machine & grinder 1998 model

    Can anyone give me a some advice and if this combo would be worth getting if still in good condition?

    La Pavoni 2 group coffee machine & grinder 1998 model

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    if it is something like this:
    La Pavoni Commercial Lever Espresso Coffee Machine and Cappuccino Makers, including Lever, Pump with Coffee Grinders
    it would be worth, if the price is right.

    which 2 group Pavoni do you mean?


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      A commercial machine that is 16 years old, if it has been in commercial use throughout that time, is dump material, so it really does depend on the definition of "if still in good condition". That is, after 16 years in commercial use, it wont be in good condition. Most commercial machines are finished at round about the end of a 3 year term in a busy cafe (yeah I know...define "busy" ). They are often refurbished and resold or sent out again, but once they have been through the cycle a few times they are for scrap.

      You have to decide whether you want a good functioning machine that works well straight up and makes coffee well for you the minute you take it home and switch it on, or a project.

      That is if you are interested for home.

      If you are looking for a machine to start a business with, it will be poison. Pay the ransom and buy a late model machine that can be demonstrated in front of you, to work properly.

      Hope that helps.