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  • Dish washing coffee

    Hi All,

    For many of us on here we do our best perfecting our own coffee roasting and exact as much consistency to either pulling of shots, frothing milk all for the best tasting cup of coffee. This isn't a rant and its only my opinion based on no scientific fact except for what i have found by doing some basic trial and error. I love my coffee and have done everything possible to make everything i do consistent, however on many occasions i found myself getting coffees which tasted a little odd. At first i thought could there be something wrong with my roasted beans, does the machine need a clean? At first i wasn't sure. I cleaned my machine tried different types of roasts but still had the problem pop up.

    So i started looking at the cups and glasses i were using. Standard glasses and mugs (mugs are normally for my drip filter, which was also getting a funny taste). I started to think how do i wash them? Some times i hand wash them and some times i put them in the dishwasher. So did a little experiment, i hand washed the glasses and used them after i had made sure its not the beans and made sure the machine was clean. The coffee tasted fine...

    Put them into the dish washer and used them again after coming out of the washer. Coffee tasted strange... Waited till the next day and thought i would try another one which came out of the dish washer. same strange taste. Grabbed another glass from the same wash, gave it a rinse under the tap and tried a coffee and it was fine.. Fine as it what i normally get from my roasts, clean machine and consistent coffee making ways.

    I guess the point of the story is more than all of those people trying to get a perfect cup of coffee but hit some bumps along the way, just consider that maybe sometimes the coffee might taste strange due to the way things are washed. It might sound over the top but this hasn't been just a coincidence for me. I think back to the times i thought i must have done something wrong in the roasting of the beans to find it may have been this.

    Just a thought.

    Kind regards,


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    I've never use rinse aid in our dishwasher, the thought of those chemicals coating everything just to stop those water spots Arghhhh.

    A great way to get around it is to use vinegar, works just as well and much safer too!


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      Yep I know all about it, I tend to rinse all cups out with hot water before use and my good cups are hand washed only.

      What's worse is licking the bowl after you've finished your ice cream, rinse aid makes for a disgusting taste then too


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        After a few trial and errors, something i didn't add is that i suspect that to be the main cause. I am happy to stand corrected though

        And shapeshifter, the only imagine i get is you licking the bowl. I would and also do the same thing


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          I don't use rinse aid thankfully.


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            Sipping espresso out of a paper take-away cup is pretty awful too. Tastes like bleach or some sort of detergent.