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Steaming PET bottles

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  • Steaming PET bottles

    After seeing the guys at Campos steam the empty milk bottles before flattening them and tossing in the bin, I couldnt wait to try it when I got home.

    I remembered that whenever Id accidentally rinsed them with hot water that the HDPE plastic softened considerably but had never thought to do it on purpose.

    I might need a trip back to Campos though for some fine tuning because they were damned fast at it and I know from trying it at home now that there has to be a trick to avoiding the steam being forced out the top as you scrunch.

    In the meantime though, I then decided to try doing same with the empty soft drink bottles waiting to head for the recycling bin.

    These are easier and FUN!

    If you havent tried it yet Im betting most of you will.

    A 1.25 litre PET bottle when steamed shrinks to approx. half size!.

    I love doing it.
    I steam them and wait for them to shrink.
    Then I grab the label (which is now way too big and not hot) and tip the condensed water out before placing the lid back on.

    Then I sit back and wait for the atmospheric pressure to crush the bottle as the air inside cools.
    Placing the bottle on the window sill to speed up the process is also a hoot.

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    Re: Steaming PET bottles

    Nice idea I should try that.
    So it should work with a 3L diary farmers container thing?


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      Re: Steaming PET bottles

      No tricks...just put the steam wand down the opening of the milk bottle, turn on the steam and it should be soft in no time (with a commercial machine)...your expobar should have no troubles softening the milk bottle in less than 3 seconds . Once soft, squeeze the bottle and bobs your uncle


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        Re: Steaming PET bottles

        Squeezing without burning ones hands is the trick Im looking for.

        And youre right about no time at all on milk bottles.
        The Expobar is a brute.

        PETs take a few seconds longer but for the small amount of steam I get a lot of enjoyment.