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Coffee bean recommendations Melb Eastside

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  • Coffee bean recommendations Melb Eastside

    Hi all!

    Just recently joined these forums and not quite sure if this is the right area to post.

    This morning I purchased a EM7000 and some preground coffee to play around with from Woolworths (not too bad but not too good either...).

    Anyone know of a good place to buy whole coffee beans around Templestowe/Doncaster area in Melbourne? I'll be looking into buying a grinder this weekend as well.

    Thanks in advance for all the help!

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    Best coffee I've had 'round there is in Doncaster Shoppingtown. (Sorry.) It's at the entrance to the food court. they know how to make coffee, and they sell the beans they use. Just make sure of the roast date if you buy from them (as they obviously don't roast there).

    Good luck!



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      Thanks! I'll check it out tomorrow..ya I've seen that place before


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        Buy online.

        As you enjoy your new machine you will go through a lot more coffee than what you perhaps may have first thought.

        This will more than offset the postage costs and you will be able to get a lot more variety than in your local store.

        If you're looking for somewhere to start: