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Coffee Trails on Qantas Domestic Entertainment

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  • Coffee Trails on Qantas Domestic Entertainment

    We had a new 737-800 plane on our flight back from Melbourne to Brisbane yesterday and it gave us individual entertainment screens to view. We greatly enjoyed watching Toby Smith's Coffee Trail stories on the Travel segment on inflight entertainment. There were segments from 12 different coffee producing countries . Each was approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length. We learnt so much more than we knew about how our beloved green beans we buy from CoffeeSnobs are produced.

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    Sounds like great in-flight entertainment, far better than old sit-coms.

    What was the coffee on the flight like? It would be a tease to tell you about great coffee and then serve something average.


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      I flew Emirates economy to Greece last year on a new 737-800. Best economy seats I've ever had.
      My wife had won a business class trip.

      They let me go upstairs to visit her.
      I can tell you the coffee upstairs in business is the same as downstairs.

      I hope you fared better.


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        We have had many a bad cup of brewed coffee in our travels. We rated this one above average.