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  • Celebration coffee

    Hi all. I am just after a special/exceptional coffee, roasted or unroasted that I can get as a special treat. I have my citizenship ceremony coming up and want to celebrate it by spoiling myself with something outstanding. Preferably a s.o. if possible, and from beanbay or a sponsor as I like to support those that make this possible.

    Any and all suggestions muchly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Hi lostmuppet and congrats on your upcoming ceremony.

    Before a suggestion or two can be put up...... how is the coffee going to be made & consumed?

    Espresso? pour-over? press?


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      Oops, forgot that part. Espresso is the aim, both milk based and straight.


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        For the sense of occasion......pretty hard to go past the Maui or Yemen from green Beanbay


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          Thanks chokkidog. After a bit of studying the two, I reckon I will try the Maui this time, just one of the few times I can sneak an expensive green past the financial advisor of the house. Hopefully it will go fine with some fush and chups, if I'm still allowed to call them that after the ceremony!!