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Digipure 9000s bench top filter

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  • Digipure 9000s bench top filter

    Hi Guys,
    I'm getting getting ready for when my recently acquired 2006 Giotto Premium is serviced and of course that includes water filtering. So I went with the Digipure 9000s unit from a CS sponsor and note that the TDS is 197 the same as what comes out of the tap and actually higher than my Brita filter which is 156 is this normal with these units? I'm waiting on the TH test strips just to confirm that the water has indeed been softened prior to using in the Giotto, incidentally I'm in Brisabne......

    Anyone else using this device to soften water?

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    I too would very much like to know the effectiveness of this device for use on my Bezzera Galatea. Perhaps it is worth investing a bit more money. I am renting at the moment though.


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      If you do a search of this site by the advanced search at the top right of this page, for water treatment, water softening, scale prevention etc. you will find a lot of information and discussion.

      Read about water treatment at site sponsor Talk Coffee website:
      Filtration | Talk Coffee

      Also Jetblack Espresso who also sell water treatment systems:
      Water Filters

      These are only two of the many site sponsors who sell scale reduction water treatment equipment.



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        Much appreciated Barry. Now for a little reading :-)