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  • Coffee machine protection/security


    Am travelling to Sydney (by air) and whilst there I am picking up an Isomac Tea. Does anyone have any suggestions on how/where I can pack it with expanding foam - to keep the baggage handlers at bay?

    Travelling Brisbane - Sydney and return within 6 hours.

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    Can Pack and Send help you?


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      My advice re trusting baggage handlers?........... don't.

      Is it new or 2nd hand?

      Check it in as fragile and pick it up at the fragile / oversize pick-up point..... not the baggage carousel.

      Not something I would do. Ring the airline? Get to the airport well ahead of time to organise things?

      Insure it for transit door to door, get a cover note.......but you're leaving things a little late.........

      Packing the item..... miles of heavy duty bubble wrap.. (Officeworks?) Enough to make it bounce.


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        Originally posted by diode123 View Post
        Can Pack and Send help you?
        Dunno if they do expanding foam, but I can't really think of anywhere else to try...

        You could try DIYing it with some heavy duty garbage bags and a couple of cans of latex expanding foam but I'm not sure I'd be willing to do that the first time on an expensive piece of hardware.


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          If all else fails strap a few boxes of Krispy Kremes to it just before entering the departure lounge!