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  • Cook Islands Coffee

    I met up for coffee this morning with some former work colleagues.
    One of them asked me if Id heard of coffee from the Cook Islands.
    Hed had some on a visit there.

    Well I had to tell him I hadnt.

    So thanks to Google Ive confirmed what he told me and found out a little bit more.

    Heres a link which mentions that they roast their coffee over an open fire, in coconut cream.

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    Re: Cook Islands Coffee

    Typical of Islanders to include coconuts in their coffee roasting. I suppose you use what you can get your hands on - sounds like some other people I know. :

    Too bad it doesnt go into detail, sounds interesting. I wonder what it does to the taste.



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      Old thread revival after a search. Just came back from Cook Islands and bought some of their coffee at the airport so I'd have beans when I got home. Its from an island called Aitu. Quite pleasant. To me its citrusy with a bit of a caramel after taste. Like Vanuatu they only sell roasted beans.
      Atiu Coffee Factory, producers of organic gourmet coffee


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        Think you might be talking about the island of Aitutaki.


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          Originally posted by Fresh_Coffee View Post
          Think you might be talking about the island of Aitutaki.
          Na. Stayed on Aitutaki. Coffee is on Atui.(OK I spelled it wrong first time)