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Ben Kaminski on how to fix espresso

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  • Ben Kaminski on how to fix espresso

    This is a video from last years Nordic cup,

    I really liked it and there's some great stuff in there about the usefulness of being able to measure extraction. It's a really good watch if you are interested in drinking lighter roast specialty coffee that doesn't taste of lemons and matching your roasts to they way your extracting.

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    Great video hey muppet man? Saw it a few months ago and while I don't think it's gospel, it really challenged and changed the way I think about espresso.

    I'm sure there'll be a few here who might want to say it's all a load of blah blah blah, but there's still so much to learn about coffee and hopefully we can all take stuff like this as challenge and encouragement to keep pushing the boundaries.


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      Yea I agree Bames. The downward spiral of death, its definitely apparent with roasters I'm familiar with where there is very little consistency week to week, coffee to coffee. As a barista I seem to spend too much of my palate avoiding roast issues in my coffee rather then just extracting coffee fully.

      This stuff along with water has lined up for me in the last couple of weeks and Ive been making and enjoying some beautiful sweet, balanced creamy complex coffee as a result, with yields up around 38gm. Lovely to give customers a good sized single espresso.